It's here!

The first in a series of digital courses is finally available for you to work through at your own pace! From identifying limiting beliefs to building self-confidence, to living your best life, I've got you covered!

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In the first course, you will learn how to build self confidence and shift your mindset to begin living the life of your dreams!

The Details

This course includes:

  • Learn what limiting beliefs are and where they come from.
  • Why it's important to explore your thoughts and identify patterns.
  • How to overcome limiting beliefs and find your superpowers!
  • Build confidence, strength, and design a life you deserve!

You are about to start an amazing journey, transforming your mind and your life!!

Let's Get Started!
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Sherry Hodges

"My friend, Becki Salzman, spends much of her time helping others with their suffering. She speaks of love and healing on a daily basis. She inspires, tells her truth, listens to others with an open mind. I want to be more like Becki...."

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Alex Whitehouse

"Becki Salzman is one of the reasons I started my weight loss journal. Always posting positivity about finding something you love, or doing stuff for yourself. And I realized I wasn’t happy with with myself. But I am 2 months strong, I have lost 15 pounds now, and feeling more positive. On days I want to give up, I see a post of Becki's and it makes me more motivated to keep at it."

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Lisa Watkins

"Becki has truly coached me in ways that helped me escape the deep rut I was in and take back my life.She was there when I was losing 40 pounds; she was there when I applied for grad school and got in; she was there when I graduated from grad school; and she was there in support when I wanted to get a new job and slightly pivot my career. She's been there for me in the major and even mundane moments of life. She truly has been a rock for me. I learn so much from Becki. She continues to learn how to enrich her own life and divulges her secrets to help others enrich theirs. Becki truly lives by what she says. She'd never make you do something just because she heard it somewhere and it's the popular method at the moment. Becki has struggled through her own circumstances and has risen above it with grace and with her arms outstretched back to lend a hand to others to rise up with her. I am so grateful to have Becki in my life. EVERYONE should have a Becki in their lives...and now you can!."

Your best life awaits.

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