Transform Fear Into Faith

mindset transformation May 16, 2021

Transforming fear into faith sounds simple enough. We all may say we have faith. Yet, when it comes time to make a change or put yourself out there, that inner critic speaks up with all of the reasons you shouldn’t do it. You know the voice, “you don’t know enough about what you’re doing, who are you to lead people, you’ll fall on your face and look stupid…” Fear comes in many forms and says so many things that just aren’t true. And at times when you know it’s not true, you let it take control anyway. So why does it keep happening, and how do you stop the cycle?

You know deep in your heart you were put on this planet for greater, more impactful experiences, relationships, work. You have evidence that you have survived 100% of the trials and tribulations that have come your way, yet somehow that doubt and fear creep up on at the most inopportune times. Fear is based in the past and it projects on the future. It keeps...

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