Transform Fear Into Faith

mindset transformation May 16, 2021

Transforming fear into faith sounds simple enough. We all may say we have faith. Yet, when it comes time to make a change or put yourself out there, that inner critic speaks up with all of the reasons you shouldn’t do it. You know the voice, “you don’t know enough about what you’re doing, who are you to lead people, you’ll fall on your face and look stupid…” Fear comes in many forms and says so many things that just aren’t true. And at times when you know it’s not true, you let it take control anyway. So why does it keep happening, and how do you stop the cycle?

You know deep in your heart you were put on this planet for greater, more impactful experiences, relationships, work. You have evidence that you have survived 100% of the trials and tribulations that have come your way, yet somehow that doubt and fear creep up on at the most inopportune times. Fear is based in the past and it projects on the future. It keeps you from going after the life of your dreams, from stepping into your light and shining brighter than ever imagined. It sucks the fun out of work, play and even rest. No one is immune.

The great news is that it doesn’t have to keep a stranglehold on you and your future! You are and always have been the co-creator of your life, whether you realize it or not. Even in fear, you’ve created your life circumstances. Think about a time and something that you wanted with all your heart but were too scared to go after, so you chose to sit on the sidelines. You didn’t achieve the goal or vision you had in mind because you let fear keep you from acting. You co-created that situation through the fear. Your fearful energy attracts the same level and kind of energy. And by vibrating in the energy of fear, your results will match that same energy.

Now imagine if you had approached that same situation with the fear in check. It might still be present, but despite that, what could you have done differently? What would that version of you have been thinking? How would that have felt? Coming from a higher level of energy, what might have been the result of acting without the fear choking you? Do you see how fear helped create the result you experienced?

There’s more great news! You can learn to manage fear. Fear is a natural response, and it will always be with us. Fear has a purpose; it is there to keep us safe. In the caveman days, it kept us alive, from being eaten by a saber-toothed tiger. Fear still keeps us safe in truly dangerous situations. We rarely have life threatening situations in modern day, and our brains haven’t quite caught up. A healthy sense of fear is a good thing! It just doesn’t know the difference between real and perceived danger. Accepting that you’ll never entirely eradicate fear is key to learning to effectively manage it.

As a conscious being, it’s your job to catch the fear and teach it the difference. You, through mindfulness and raising your consciousness, will prevail! It’s a practice, my friends. Like any other skill, or learning anything new, it takes practice. This one is a life-long process. You must be willing to accept that fear will always be a passenger and commit to not letting her take over your thoughts, emotions, and actions (or inactions). I am going to share a few steps that have been incredibly helpful for me to learn how to transform my fear into faith through developing a much stronger faith in the Universe/God/Goddess/Spirit, or whatever your Higher Power’s name is.

Gabby Bernstein, one of my favorite teachers, talks extensively about Transforming Fear into Faith. Her lessons and guidance helped set me on a path of self-discovery and have been the catalyst for my practice and my decision to become a life coach! I’ve adapted Gabby’s lessons and personalized them to fit me, and you will find that to be most successful you’ll do the same. Again, it’s a practice! You try, try again until you find what works! 

The first step sounds easy, and it does take patience and grace. Relax and “let go of the wheel,” as Gabby describes it. Hanging onto the misconception that you are in control of everything creates stress, fear, anxiety. You’re worrying and anxious about something that hasn’t, and may never, happen. You’re choosing to spend your energy on a “maybe.” Operating from a place perceived control will keep you spinning in lower level, catabolic energy creating low-level results—not your intended goal (at least I’m assuming that isn’t the goal). Hanging onto your outcome so tight leaves no room to enjoy the journey. Letting go of the wheel simply means that you are releasing outcome and the associated anxiety and stress created by hanging on so tightly to that specific outcome. Releasing the wheel also allows you to observe other opportunities that present themselves along your path. Opportunities that may lead to greater happiness, joy, and fulfillment. Let life happen, let God/Goddess/Universe/Spirit guide you, use you for the highest good for all! Trust in the process.

Now that you’ve chosen to take your hands from the wheel, it’s time to bask in the light, the joy, the life that is here right now in this moment! Once you let go of that perceived control, you’ll be amazed at how light, playful, free you feel! You’ve made room for love, light, and high-level, anabolic energy to fill you up! Seeing that the light HAS ALREADY ARRIVED, is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give yourself. It is truly a gift of empowerment and freedom. You’ve made a conscious choice to lean into the light of the present moment, to savor life and all the opportunities that are right here, right now for you! This mindset shift opens new doors, your creativity flows like a river, and you glow like the morning sunrise!  You ARE THE LIGHT, right now, right here! Be present and dwell in the immediate and all that life is right now. It’s beautiful!

And finally, when you consciously let go of the wheel and are living in joy and light of the moment, the final step feels natural and logical. Surrender the outcome, forget what you think YOU need, and relax into the knowing, the faith that the highest good for all is what will unfold-regardless of what that outcome ends up being. This doesn’t mean not to have a goal, or even a specific outcome in mind. Of course, you will have an idea, a vision of what you want or how it might look. Just have it, witness it, and let it go!  Have faith and trust that the outcome is for the greater good for all, and your faith is stronger than your fear. Then, there will be no reason to fear that life won’t come out exactly as you planned. It’s all as it should be! This level of trust in the Universe/God/Goddess/Spirit is the antithesis of fear. When you believe with everything in you that there is a plan much greater than anything you could ever imagine, there is no room for fear, only faith, love, and hope. You have the power of choice-how will you choose?  





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